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This has made a ton of improvements since the last episode.

Two things I particularly like about this episode:
-You know your medium and took full advantage of this being a "for the internet" cartoon. That said you can get away with more risque things. What I like is you did this without being overt, distasteful, or overtly thickheaded (lol) about it. You themed around low brow humor without being just awful like many things are.

-Two, your delivery is getting much better. I liked that this one was full of a few good jokes, but not that "talky". You struck a good balance and the slapstick is getting better.


NewEdenseries responds:

Thanks so much! Great to hear!

I get the shock humor, I'm not going to say one way or the other because tv sitcom standard has been using the "arguing like an old married couple" -> ""sketch"ual tension" bit forEVERRRR. But! I did have a problem with the Scene.

Their lips don't touch. In fact their character graphics dont seem to touch at all in that scene. With such skilled character animation -- I've seen your tutorials jazza and am thoroughly impressed -- I was shocked that the characters who are supposedly touching have Gandalf's head go behind Saruman's like a cardboard cutout. I know it isn't an aversion or hiding of skill, as later Gollum interacts with the fish quite fluidly. So, this just seems lazy to me and it broke the immersion of the cartoon. Like seeing a character fake a punch in a movie, it just kinda messed up the flow. Especially for a shock joke, it made it less shocking because I didn't believe it and got distracted. I get the gist though. Good work, and maybe commit a little more to your shockers ;D

Excellent results

I'm extremely pleased with how this collab turned out. I'm also glad that you included mine. Good job you guys and congrats on putting it together!

P.S. I liked how you organized it chromatically. It's very quaint.

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Good game but I found a bug in the tutorial:

I got the blue and yellow socks, put them in the boiling pot, and used the fork -- not having found the green sock. This gave me a pair of green socks, even though it said one was lost, and it used my oil can for some reason, making it so I cannot get the provisions or continue on, and now I have to start over.

Good game otherwise

I really like this game. The transitions after dying were perfect. I didn't get frustrated with loss and completing the puzzles was very gratifying. I wish games like this weren't so same-themed, but maybe I just didn't get far enough through it before I had to stop for work. Good job!


I dont realize why everyone is so very negative on the pay-for levels idea. The 50 good levels kept me intrigued. Since I enjoy platformers I would consider paying maybe 5 dollars or so for another 50 levels. I realize you have to make a living at what you do, and for such clean, flawless gameplay, you are worth it. I do admit, newgrounds is for free games, but this is a leg up from the demos that have been put on newgrounds before. Before, you would get the intro levels to a game, maybe 3, and then be asked to pay 15dollars for the other 100+ levels. So I'll leave it with mixed feelings about the system; you definately did get exposer for it, though.

Pretaining to actual game play: all the controls were fluid and the temp powerup system was awesome. my only complaint is that the arrow had a really small hit test, but this made it more of a difficulty and skill than a bug. Good Job.
P.S. I always love the music you pick for your games.

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Pretty Accurate

It was really cool how you got the complex syncopation of the eucalyptus clave sound in there, but I think it either needed a couple more elements or a better sample/recording of the didjerido! (i play didj and know it is a beast to record, so I understand, but we're being critical here :<) anyways, good job and good luck in RAC5

whitesymphonia responds:

Yea, I had hell with the didj. It was so hard to figure out. Took me so long to figure out, plus it's my first time using Fruit Loops, so had to figure that out too xD. Yea, I probably could've used some more percussion. Pretty much limited when using instruments from australia.



I am super psyched to be able to participate in something like this. Although, I had to compensate for a crappy with mic with effects, the glissandi in the beginning surprisingly fit :D awesome job to everyone who participated! the ending song was pretty sweet in how some pieces across genre were meant for each other. You really can't predict how some of this stuff will come together.

Rig responds:

And that's what makes it so awesome :D

Nice String and Reed Piece

I really like the clarinet leading on this piece. Now I can't tell if you doubled the melody on oboe too (crappy headphones), but the give and take between the lead and the bassoon backing was really good. The only criticism I have is that the the melody line didn't break once it started. So the natural breathing of the piece was lost until about 1:35 when it achieved a relaxed clarity. Otherwise, It was really enjoyable.

loansindi responds:

Hey, thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked it. If you want to hear the 'finished' version of this song, check out my submission 'musingsthefirst.'

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I never thought of adapting the AT style of stills. Since it is such a fluid, rubbery animation style it didn't occur to me. Very nice, I'd like to see a little gif action if you choose to do their style again, might add something. But I don't know that for sure :O.

Don't beat me up please.

I like the use of color vs texture in this. The blue in the bottom right -- my perspective -- of the uniform verses the rustier tones in the left. Very nice. :)

Side note, what is the mark on her right eye signify?

ZaneZansorrow responds:

The mark on the eye is just for random warrior-like design purposes. Thanks for the review :)

I absolutely love these types of perspective pieces on newgrounds. It's a great contrast to the number of flat pop-arty piece (which I love just as much, but variety is the spice of life)

For your piece specifically, I just cant stop looking at the tatoos. And then I get that embarassment because she is staring me down like I am daft for looking at them. Very nice.

One piece of criticism -- D: -- is that I believe the background because of its meshy, washy nature. But the bike kind of looks silly being in that style while still being a foreground element. Maybe if it transitioned, or something.. I don't know. I don't think it needs to be changed any, it looks lovely as it is. I just don't believe it is really there if I focus on it. If I focus on what I am supposed to though -- the girl -- then it fits perfectly. I don't know if that is helpful, but that's what you get.

C0nker3 responds:

thanks! your very right about the bike. haha i struggled with the surface for a while so thats why i ended up just leaving it a little more on the expressive side. But it still stands out xP thanks for the critique! much appreciated.

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